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Xalan Commit Analysis

I’ve blogged a couple of times about the state of the Xalan-J project at Apache.   Recently I’ve been using to track some other projects, in particular the committer activity.    For Xalan, here is a graph that displays … Continue reading

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>XPath Component

>Web Tools Source Editing has created a new component for the XPath related items. This means that the XPath View, Content Assistance, and the PsychoPath Processor now have a more distinct place to file features and bugs against. The XPath … Continue reading

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>eXist 1.4, Love It…Hate it…Love it!

>Recently, the eXist-db project released their open source XML Database, and all-around kick-ass open source project. I’ve been running an older version of exist (1.1) to help with some documentation generation at work. It’s run well, but in some cases … Continue reading

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>XQDT now at Eclipse

> This past week‘s code finally was given parallel IP status from the Eclipse Foundation. Meaning we were finally able to get the last bit of code checked in, so that some ip cleanliness concerns can be addressed. This … Continue reading

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>Fresh Meat

>Well actually this meat has been hanging around for a while. I’m proud to announce that Jesper Moller has recently made it through the gauntlet of committer elections for WTP Source Editing. We are just waiting on final paper work … Continue reading

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>Eclipse: XQDT 2.0 Released

>There are a couple of XQuery Editors that are available for eclipse. Three open source projects, and one commercial. Oxygen XML – provides a XQuery Editing and Debugging support. With built in support for eXist-DB, Saxon 9, and MarkLogic. License … Continue reading

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>W3C XPath 2.0 Test Suite Implemented

>It has been a long month of slowly converting the W3C XQuery/XPath 2.0 Test Suite into something that is usable. It’s actually a bit harder than it really needs to be as the test suite is really designed for XQuery, … Continue reading

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