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>How to Diversify

>So, it seems the intentionally provocative title of my last post re-started some discussion. Boris is correct, we need to “Step-up or Shut-up”. Boris and Pascal (here, and here) have both taken good looks at their diversification and have provided … Continue reading

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>Project Diversification Sucks

>…I’m talking not about the goal of project diversification, I’m talking about the actual execution of a project to diversify itself. The DASH project has another nice tool called the Project Diversification Report. It breaks down an eclipse project by … Continue reading

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>Say What?!?!!!

>I wrote the other day about some Testing Cramps. One of the comments in regards to the post was why didn’t I just write the tests and contribute them back? The thing is I have done so for some projects, … Continue reading

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>Testing Cramps

>At times it is very easy to tell when some code is not written using techniques like Test Driven Development. In particular when I see classes that make liberal use of protected or private inner classes. Now there are valid … Continue reading

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>eXist 1.4, Love It…Hate it…Love it!

>Recently, the eXist-db project released their open source XML Database, and all-around kick-ass open source project. I’ve been running an older version of exist (1.1) to help with some documentation generation at work. It’s run well, but in some cases … Continue reading

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>Individuals 149, IBM 132

> Dash Company Committer Stats Note: As Nick rightly points out in the comments, Dash is really a suite of related projects to help the community. The stats shown above are only a small part of that suite. It looks … Continue reading

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>Functional Testing Builds

>The various forms of Testing your code and regression testing have in many ways become standardized practices. Items like Unit Testing, Functional Testing, and Integration Testing are pretty normal when you are doing Continuous Integration. Coders are encouraged to do … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath 1.1M3 a Java 5 (1.5) or greater XPath 2.0 Schema Aware processor is now available for download. It is packaged in two forms as standalone jar and as part of an eclipse P2 update site. It does depend on … Continue reading

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>Do Eclipse Projects need to roll out Patches faster?

>Large scale software projects like Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, GTK, KDE, MySQL, and numerous others have a good response time in answering and supplying critical fixes that are affecting their users. However, the various Eclipse projects have a varying degree of … Continue reading

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>Performance Tuning an Athena/Hudson build

>Hats are a cool thing. Gentlemen don’t wear enough hats now a days. Oh we have baseball caps, but no real cool hats for every day use. I tend to wear multiple hats when working on a project. Lately I’ve … Continue reading

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