>Eclipse: XQDT 2.0 Released

>There are a couple of XQuery Editors that are available for eclipse. Three open source projects, and one commercial.

  • Oxygen XML – provides a XQuery Editing and Debugging support. With built in support for eXist-DB, Saxon 9, and MarkLogic. License Commercial.
  • Eclipse XQDT – an incubating project in the WTP Incubator. Provides XML Content Assistance within XQuery scripts, XML Catalog Support, and Namespace Awarness. Provides XQuery syntax coloring. Based on a google summer of code project. License EPL
  • XQIDE – Hosted on Sourceforge. Provides ability to execute XQuery scripts on MarkLogic, and provides Syntax Coloring.
  • XQDT 2.0 – provides a XQuery Editor and Debugger. Built on the DLTK Framework, supports XQuery 1.0, and 1.1. XQuery Updates. Content assistance and template support. License EPL.

Oxygen XML is probably the most advanced version, but for some the cost of the IDE is prohibitive for what they need. The Eclipse XQDT project has not progressed as much as I would have liked, but is still the only code base that has gone through Eclipse IP and also the only one that leverages the existing features and functionality of the WTP XML tools and frameworks. XQIDE is getting ready for a new release, but it will probably be it’s last according to a recent conversation with the maintainer.

So this brings us to XQDT 2.0. As of right now, if you are looking for an open source based solution for Eclipse and XQuery, XQDT 2.0 is probably your best option. I like the direction they are taking. More information about their project can be found at their website.

Ultimately, I would love to see all three open source projects combine as an Incubating project under Eclipse.

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