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Running Pull Requests from Hudson

Since the Andmore Project is using GitHub for our central repository, we needed a way to at least manually verify that a given pull request can build and not fail any existing tests. Unfortunately, unlike Jenkins, there currently is no … Continue reading

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YouTube GData API and Android

If you want to use the YouTube API v2 to search for content on YouTube with an Android device, the recommended way is the use the gdata-http-client java package. However, this requires that you parse the XML returned yourself, and … Continue reading

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Jacoco, Tycho, and Coverage Reports

It’s been a while since I posted here.  Most of my postings are now on Google+ or via twitter.  However, neither place does well for code snippets so here I am.   If you are using Tycho and want Java … Continue reading

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Are Projects Outpacing the ability to Adapt and Respond?

After reading Ed Merk’s, post about trying to be fair and balanced, and the corresponding bug, in which Scott Lewis has a valid concern, I’m wondering if the number of projects that the Foundation has under it’s umberalla is outpacing … Continue reading

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Add Code Coverage and CheckStyle to Minerva

Chris put together a small demo project (Minerva) for those interested in setting up a Tycho build for their eclipse projects.  There are a few minor issues with the current code. There is an issue with the feature not pulling … Continue reading

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>The Importance of External Builds

>Over reliance on an IDE for builds can lead to a false comfort factor. The importance of a build that isn’t affected by any particular IDE configuration or way of building was beaten home this weekend. I was working on … Continue reading

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>Adding FindBugs and DRY(CPD) Reporting to Maven3/Tycho

>Updated: Oct 9, 2010 – updated to reflect Maven 3.0 final. One of the more important things I think an open source project can do is to fix bugs before they get out into the wild. If you can head … Continue reading

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