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Tracking Pull Requests on your HIPP instance

In a prior entry, I wrote about getting your HIPP Instance at Eclipse to run GitHub Pull Requests.  One thing that is missing from that is, the ability to identify which of the jobs that ran, ran which pull request. … Continue reading

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Running Pull Requests from Hudson

Since the Andmore Project is using GitHub for our central repository, we needed a way to at least manually verify that a given pull request can build and not fail any existing tests. Unfortunately, unlike Jenkins, there currently is no … Continue reading

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Update the AndroidManifest Version Number automatically

Recently I needed to automate the update of the versionName element in the AndroidManifest.xml file. This needed to be timed stamped and updated with the correct version number when a build was run. We use maven as part of the … Continue reading

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Jacoco, Tycho, and Coverage Reports

It’s been a while since I posted here.  Most of my postings are now on Google+ or via twitter.  However, neither place does well for code snippets so here I am.   If you are using Tycho and want Java … Continue reading

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Re-Writing Eclipse Commit History

So you took the plunge and migrated your project from CVS/SVN to GIT?   However at the time you did so, you didn’t think about possibly splitting out the projects into multiple git repositories.   You and your project were … Continue reading

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Push Button Builds.

Kim Moir had a good post on busting some build myths, and continuing the “MythBusters” analogy, I think we need to revisit a one of the myths. First let me say that I totally agree with Kim, that being in … Continue reading

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Are Projects Outpacing the ability to Adapt and Respond?

After reading Ed Merk’s, post about trying to be fair and balanced, and the corresponding bug, in which Scott Lewis has a valid concern, I’m wondering if the number of projects that the Foundation has under it’s umberalla is outpacing … Continue reading

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