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>Git + Build2 = Working Again

>If you had an eclipse project that used git, and couldn’t build on the Hudson slave machines, you may want to try it again. The Hudson Git plugin was upgraded to vesion 0.9.2 which fixes some Java Serialization issues that … Continue reading

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>WTP Incubator Moves to Git

>The components in the Web Tools Project Incubator decided back in late May/June 2010 to migrate off of CVS as the source code repository and move to using git. The new git repository for all WTP Incubator components is now … Continue reading

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>Creating a P2 Zipped/Archived Site with Maven

>So you have created that nice P2 update size, using Tycho’s packaging option of eclipse-update-site. You even have it working to create an aggregated site. However, you miss the ability to have a Local Archived version for people to download, … Continue reading

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>Back to Scrum

>Unfortunately in my day-to-day work until recently I had to work on some projects that had more resemblence to Waterfall methodology and less to do with Agile methodology. Fortunately, that is changing and I’ll be talking a bit more about … Continue reading

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