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Caging Knowledge

So, Apple’s recent iBooks 2 announcement has many drooling in the media. ¬†While I applaud the attempt to make textbooks more affordable, I do not like the proprietary nature of the implementation. ¬† Consumers are getting locked more and more … Continue reading

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>XPath 2: Collections and PsychoPath

>PsychoPath is setup as a framework for other applications to use and interface with, so it does not provide implementations for Collections, but depends on the application using it to provide the available collections. The current implementation uses a MAP … Continue reading

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>Model the Data not the Form

>A pattern seems to have emerged from some standard organizations in which they try to construct their data exchanges based off of existing paper forms. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to a very inflexible model, that conveys one particular view … Continue reading

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>Vendor Lock In

>Every once in a while, a good quote comes across twitter. RT @maslett: Shuttleworth: Only thing worse than being locked-in to a vendor is being locked-in to a different vendor than everyone else. Vendor Lock In is something that many … Continue reading

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>Standards, Documentation, Single Sourcing, and Continuous Integration

>Over the last several years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many standard organizations. Many are trying to improve their development processes to meet the membership and the communities needs sooner. However, almost all have one area that still … Continue reading

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>Dangers of Standards Profiles

>I have been messing around the last week or so with implementing a iCalendar export. The iCal spec is pretty straightforward with what should be understood and what format the data should be in when exported. So if you code … Continue reading

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>Agile Testing for Standards Organizations

>I jumped over to the Agile Development way of working several years ago. One of the problems with the way current standards are developed in my opinion is the fact that there is very little validation of the requirements. If … Continue reading

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