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>Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

>…translated from Latin into English, “One for All, and All for One”. It’s a motto I think fits well for both open source development and for data standards development. It’s a concept that can be hard for a company to … Continue reading

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>Another painless Ubuntu Upgrade

>I’ve been using various versions of Ubuntu Desktop as my primary operating system for about a year. In fact, I don’t even have a copy of Vista or Windows XP installed on the laptop. When I bought the machine, my … Continue reading

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>WTP Incubator Updates

>We have a couple more WTP Incubator projects getting ready to ramp up now that the committers have made it through the gauntlet of paperwork and sign offs. XML Security Tools – Dominik Schadow is the original author and will … Continue reading

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>A Ray of Light for the Beautiful Game.

>For those that don’t know, one of my hobbies is Refereeing soccer(football for the rest of the world). Particularly, I’m a State Level USSF Level 6 referee. What does this mean….it means that I get to spend a lot of … Continue reading

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>Visual Editor for XML

>The Visual Editor for XML is now an official Web Tools Platform incubating project. The code is checked into CVS, and some initial work on refactoring and re-arranging the plugins has begun. With that said, a wiki page has been … Continue reading

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>API Design Guidelines

>API Design: There is a good article on API Guidelines at the “Do not set yourself on fire” blog. Must reading for anybody that is doing API design work. Single Responsibility Principal, Refactoring, and API Design: As Bjorn mentioned there … Continue reading

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>While reviewing various blog feeds, I saw mention ANT2IDE. Looks interesting especially if you have an existing build process that needs to be imported into eclipse.

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>XSL Tools Outstanding features

>XSL Tools 1.0M3 will be out in a couple of weeks, and again there are a few more nice features that have been implemented. Open Declaration/Hyperlinking for xsl:with-param @name variables. By CTRL-Clicking on the value in the name attribute it … Continue reading

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>Null Check or Null Object Pattern

>Something I’ve seen a lot in code over the years, no matter which language I happened to be coding in at the time, are checks for Nulls. They end up being scattered through out code for various reasons. The question … Continue reading

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>UI Coding Question

>One of the things I see fairly often in eclipse UI code is something like Tom Schindl‘s example. I could have picked almost any code but Tom was kind enough to post his hack (his words not mine) to the … Continue reading

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