>XQuery Development Tools for Contributors

>I mentioned earlier that I was refactoring and getting the XQuery Development Tools project back in shape. Well, I am happy to say that if you are interested in working with and enhancing this plugin project, then I have an Eclipse Team Project set file that you can use to check out all the main plugins that are needed.

Pre-Reqs though are at least Eclipse 3.4, and Web Tools 3.0. I’ve tested with Eclipse 3.5M6 and WTP 3.1M6.

If you import the Team Project set it should check out all the necessary source code you need. It recognizes out of the box XQuery files that have either XQL or XQuery as the extension. A couple of notes:

  • ANTLR v3.1 Runtime binary is checked in under Eclipse Parallel IP. This has been imported as a bundle, so can easily be used both inside and outside of eclipse. I’ll move this to orbit once final IP approval comes through.
  • XQPretty – has also been made available as a bundle. This has passed IP, but I’m awaiting the necessary ANTLR dependency to be approved before adding it to orbit.

So I just wanted to let adopters/contributors know ahead of time where it stands in the IP cycle. Feel free to check it out and kick the tires. File any bugs or enhancement requests you may have as well.

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