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New Year, New Challenges

For the last year and half I have been working with eBay through Intalio, on the Turmeric SOA project.   With the new year, I’ll be transitioning off the Turmeric SOA project to an internal Intalio project.   I’ll still … Continue reading

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Testing Turmeric SOA Web Services

With the recent release of Turmeric SOA 1.1.0, I thought it was a good time to revist some of the tutorials around Turmeric.  While working on updating some these, I realised we can make testing of the web services a … Continue reading

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Turmeric SOA 1.1.0 Released

Turmeric SOA 1.1.0 is now available for download. Included in this release are several new features and improvements. Cassandra storage support for both Rater Limiter, Runtime, and Monitoring Console. Metrics are captured and stored in a cassandra data store. … Continue reading

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Adding JSONP support to a Web Service

With the Turmeric SOA runtime framework, and in particular the binding framework, a web service can return data in a variety of formats.  This is accomplished through the use of a plugable request/response serialization/deserialization framework.   As of version 1.0, … Continue reading

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Enterprise SOAP Services in a Web 2.0 REST/JSON World

Many enterprises have devoted a large amount of time and energy into supporting the W3C SOAP and Web Service stack.  In fact many people,  when the term Service Oriented Architecture is brought up automatically think this is SOAP and the … Continue reading

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Refactoring: Maintainable Web Services

One of the problems I have with WSDL based web services is the fact that operations are typically generated into one big interface file that must be implemented.   I’ve seen WSDLs with 50 to 70 operations, and this leads … Continue reading

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Turmeric SOA at JavaOne

On Monday October 3, JavaOne will hold their Birds of a Feather.   Turmeric SOA is on the card.   We’ll be introducing what the project includes, and how you can get involved.   Sastry Malladi from eBay, the lead Architect behind the … Continue reading

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