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> Sometimes we try to take the short cut when creating our Interfaces and methods. For example, take the IWorkspaceRoot.delete method for an example. It takes several different parameters: delete(boolean deleteContent, boolean force, IProjressMonitor monitor); Most of the time this … Continue reading

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>Tip: Enabling JUnit Short Cuts

>If you are trying to practice Test Driven Development, creating JUnit tests in eclipse can be a real chore at times. I’m not talking about actually writing the tests, but trying to get easy access to the JUnit wizards. The … Continue reading

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What is in a Name?

>Variable and field naming can go a long way to making your API more useable. I lost more time than I like to working with IPreferenceStore and particularly the newish ScopePreferenceStore class for working with IEclipsePreference. The problem is in … Continue reading

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>XPath Component

>Web Tools Source Editing has created a new component for the XPath related items. This means that the XPath View, Content Assistance, and the PsychoPath Processor now have a more distinct place to file features and bugs against. The XPath … Continue reading

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>Resolving Grammars using the URIResolver Extension Point

>One of the less publicized but often needed extension points in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform is the URIResolver extension. There are many use cases in which the XML Catalog may not necessarily work for resolving the location of a … Continue reading

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