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>VEX (Visual Editor for XML) gets some life

>It has been way to long since I reported anything meaningful on VEX, a WYSIWYG editor for XML files. It originally resided on SourceForge but has since migrated to eclipse in the WTP Incubator. Thanks to some community contributions we … Continue reading

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>Bad Habit in Design: Concentrating on the 20%

>I was hit again today with a bad habit we can get into trying to solve a problem. At work we need a way to handle meeting and conference registration. However, instead of concentrating on addressing the 80% use case, … Continue reading

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>IDs Need to be Published

>Periodically on the eclipse IRC we have people looking for a particular ID for a menu, popup, view, perspective, or toolbar. There is the excellent plugin spy (ALT+SHFT+F1 and ALT+SHFT+F2) however it does not necessarily reveal every ID one needs … Continue reading

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>Eclipse DemoCamp – Columbus, OH

>The first Eclipse DemoCamp for Columbus, OH is coming up. It will be part of the standard COJUG (Central Ohio Java Users Group) meeting. The date is November 10. There is a morning session and an evening session. We are … Continue reading

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>Model the Data not the Form

>A pattern seems to have emerged from some standard organizations in which they try to construct their data exchanges based off of existing paper forms. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to a very inflexible model, that conveys one particular view … Continue reading

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>API Design is easy…Good API Design is HARD

> API is Forever. Wise old Programmer Note: I highly recommend watching “How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters” by Joshua Bloch. Any time we write code we are fundamentally writing an API. So writing an API … Continue reading

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>XQDT now at Eclipse

> This past week‘s code finally was given parallel IP status from the Eclipse Foundation. Meaning we were finally able to get the last bit of code checked in, so that some ip cleanliness concerns can be addressed. This … Continue reading

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