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>Evaluating Context Node in PsychoPath

>A question on the eclipse web tools news group asked about evaluating the current context node in PsychoPath. The Default is for PsychoPath to use the Document as it’s context and evaluate from there. There are a couple of ways … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath Version 1.1 under development

>It’s been an interesting holiday weekend. WTP branched the 3.1 code stream for Source Editing last week. What this has meant is that development on PsychoPath 1.1 can begin. Thanks to numerous contributions by Mukul Gandhi we are much farther … Continue reading

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>Agile Documentation Revisited

>A while ago, I wrote an entry called Agile Documentation, in which the development of documentation or any particular writing and publishing process can be made agile. This was driven home recently with some changes at work. We publish a … Continue reading

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>Updated 2009-05-15: Correction on some WikiText conversion. I’ve spent most of the day the last two days taking some legacy Word documents and converting them into nicely formatted, semantically marked up DocBook files. I hear some kringing already. The WikiText … Continue reading

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>Tracking Trends in Continuous Builds

>Nick Boldt recently posted about an addition to Hudson to make it show Red and Green for build status. The standard Hudson instance uses Blue to mean success which goes against the standard practice of Green for success. I asked … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Development Process: Project Management – Scrum

>Continuing this series on the Eclipse Development Process and how other Agile practices like Scrum + XP can be used, we tackle a bit of the project management aspect. For a complete overview of Scrum, I highly recommend reading Mike … Continue reading

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>Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.2 released.

>The Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.2 for the Mantis Bugtracker is now released. This version works with Mylyn 3.1. The following items have been fixed: * 0000024: [User Interface] Add ‘Update Repository Configuration’ button to query page (rombert) – resolved.* 0000027: [Core] … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor being evaluated by Xerces-J

>According to a blog entry by Mukul Gandhi, the PsychoPath Xpath 2.0 processor is used to help develop the XML Schemas 1.1 assertion support. Xerces2-J is working on an implementation of XML Schemas 1.1. Mukul has been very active recently … Continue reading

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>Adopters and Users Do Run Unit Tests

>Update: I was able to partially duplicate this issue. It’s tracked in bug 274729. Adopters and the community do care if your tests pass and if they can get them to pass on their systems. There was a recent newsgroup … Continue reading

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