>XQDT now at Eclipse


This past week XQDT.org‘s code finally was given parallel IP status from the Eclipse Foundation. Meaning we were finally able to get the last bit of code checked in, so that some ip cleanliness concerns can be addressed. This also follows up with the official announcement from XQDT.org that they were moving the project to Eclipse.

Thanks go to Gabriel and Sam for helping to make this a reality. The creation of a viable open source implementation to support XQuery development on the eclipse platform has long been a goal of mine, and I’m happy to see that goal starting to take shape. A future blog entry will go into more detail, but for a taste you can get a early snapshot development build from eclipse. The builds are continuous integration builds, using the Athena Common Builder.

Visit the XQDT wiki page for information on the project and how to report bugs/enhancements.

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