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Mirror P2 Repositories with Tycho

Recently I’ve needed the ability to mirror some p2 repositories. In the past, I would setup a new feature, and site.xml/category.xml file to handle this. However, since Tycho 0.13, there is a p2 mirror capability for tycho. It provides the … Continue reading

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Jacoco, Tycho, and Coverage Reports

It’s been a while since I posted here.  Most of my postings are now on Google+ or via twitter.  However, neither place does well for code snippets so here I am.   If you are using Tycho and want Java … Continue reading

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Eclipse Parent POM and Static Code Analysis

If you are running an open source project at, and are using Maven then we have some good news for you.   A newly deployed Parent POM has been created for your use.  To use the parent pom, you … Continue reading

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Tycho Surefire Test Setup Tips

I’ve been helping the CDT project setup some of there build for an eventual migration to Tycho and Maven.  The CDT org.eclipse.cdt.core.tests bundle has a large legacy test suite in it.  It also is highly dependent on the TestSuite method … Continue reading

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Maven Archetype Creation Tips

I recently needed to create some Maven Archetypes for the Turmeric SOA project.   A Maven Archetype for those that don’t know is a way to generate a project based off some pre-canned project templates.   In the case of … Continue reading

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Add Code Coverage and CheckStyle to Minerva

Chris put together a small demo project (Minerva) for those interested in setting up a Tycho build for their eclipse projects.  There are a few minor issues with the current code. There is an issue with the feature not pulling … Continue reading

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Introducing Turmeric

My blogging over the last several months has taken a back seat due to a lack of time.   Most of this time has been devoted to a new Open Source project I helped bring to life.  In the middle of … Continue reading

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