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Maven XSLT: Limiting the Scope

Using the maven xml plugin, how does one limit the scope of the files to be transformed? The site documentation for the plugin only shows being able to set the input directory for a transformation set.   However, you can … Continue reading

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Maven XSLT Transformations

I’ve been migrating some builds away from Ant and over to Maven 3.   While in most cases I could use the maven ant plugin, to run most of the scripts, it is better to just adopt the new Maven … Continue reading

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Cursing Seagate Hard Drives

Work gave me a Dell Studio 1555 system earlier this year.  For the most part it is a good machine.   However, starting around November, the hard drive started having problems.  Today it finally died.   Now, I do tend … Continue reading

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Turmeric Development Planning

I’ve created a topic on the eBay Open Source forums for capturing ideas for what needs to be addressed in the Turmeric project over the next several months.   I’m looking for some input from those in the SOA, Maven, and … Continue reading

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Eclipsecon BOFs

So you did not get your talk accepted to Eclipsecon, do not threat.  You can still get the information out to the attendees.   Try holding a BOF (Birds of a Feather).   Due to timing constraints for the Turmeric project from … Continue reading

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Introducing Turmeric

My blogging over the last several months has taken a back seat due to a lack of time.   Most of this time has been devoted to a new Open Source project I helped bring to life.  In the middle of … Continue reading

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