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>Concurrency Testing in Eclipse

>Gary Karasiuk recently did a good presentation on Multi Threading for the Web Tools Platform committers. While I agree with much of the information there is some I think from an adopter and design stand point is a little over … Continue reading

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>Agile Development Required Practices

>A recent conversation had me thinking again about what I view are the required practices that have to be implemented in order to start gaining the benefits Agile can provide. I had addressed this back in 2006 when I presented … Continue reading

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>XML Catalogs in Eclipse

>There is a little known feature in eclipse, that can make editing XML files much easier if they have a grammar to go with them. In particular if there is a DTD or XML Schema. The WTP source editing project … Continue reading

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>A Healthy Ecosystem Needs Diversification

>Like a rain forest, ocean, or even Ed Merk’s water garden or fish tank. Diversification and balance in an open source project is key to long term survival of the project. It helps make sure that the communities voice is … Continue reading

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>Local Build to the Rescue

>Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right. Plans you had just get tossed out the window. I was happily working on the XSL Tools documentation and had submitted a change along with a minor change … Continue reading

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>Communication vs Process

>There has been some renewed chatter about Agile within various eclipse circles. So I think it’s good to review what are the principles of agile development. According to the Agile Manifesto: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software … Continue reading

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>EclipseCon 2009 BOF: Eclipse and Agility

>Ketan and I proposed the Eclipse and Agility BOF, which has been accepted. This is a good time to discuss how agile eclipse is or is not. Learn about Agile, and in what ways people can apply agile techniques to … Continue reading

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