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Proteus Android IDE

Almost two years ago, MotoDev Studio was open sourced.  The code has sat idle in the git repositories.  MotoDev provided a lot of useful tools and additional functionality that was missing.  It provided better device integration and file exploring, a … Continue reading

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>Mylyn-Mantis Connect 3.0.5

>Mylyn-Manits Connector 3.0.5 is now available. Robert Munteanu has all the details on his latest blog entry. I’m particularly looking forward to the Custom Fields support. I’m mostly a project admin on the Mylyn-Mantis Connector project, Robert has been doing … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath 1.1 User Manual

>I’ve put the first cut at taking the old PsychoPath user manual that was written in TeX and put it on the Eclipse Wikipedia. The idea is to take advantage of the Crowd Sourcing abilities, and eventually use something like … Continue reading

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>Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.2 released.

>The Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.2 for the Mantis Bugtracker is now released. This version works with Mylyn 3.1. The following items have been fixed: * 0000024: [User Interface] Add ‘Update Repository Configuration’ button to query page (rombert) – resolved.* 0000027: [Core] … Continue reading

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>Mylyn Mantis Connector 3.0 Final available

>Mylyn-Mantis 3.0 available. Mylyn-Mantis is a Mylyn 3.0 connector for the Mantis Bugtracker. It is licensed under the Eclipse Public License. We now have all functionality of the Mylyn 2.0 connector working, plus a few additional bug fixes: Fixed ‘Resolving … Continue reading

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>Mylyn Mantis Connector for 3.x available

>A follow up to my post yesterday. The Mantis connector for Mylyn 3.0 is now available. The update site is: I haven’t created the necessary P2 enabled data yet, but will hopefully get it out in the next few … Continue reading

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>Migrating from Mylyn 2.0 to Mylyn 3.0

>Migrating the Mantis Connector to Mylyn 3.0 I’m one of the maintainers on the Mylyn Mantis project, a mylyn connector for the Mantis Bugtracker. With the advent of Mylyn 3.0 coming with Ganymede I needed to revist the connector to … Continue reading

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