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>A Maven/Tycho Experiment

>Regardless of which build system you choose, there will be a learning curve. How much of a curve can greatly depend on how the build system behaves. If it is Ant based, it is going to be pretty verbose. If … Continue reading

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>Where Do Bugs Hide?

>They hide in the code that is not being executed by your unit tests. The code that is not under test is just an incubator for them to multiply and fester. Along with code reviews, and static code analysis tools, … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath Processor code Available on GitHub

>The PsychoPath XPath 2.x processor’s source code is now available on GitHub as well. This is a snapshot of the 1.1 version that will be with the eclipse Helios release. Clone the repository, and check out the xpath2proj branch. … Continue reading

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>Monolithic Builds

>A while ago, David Green, made a post about the performance improvements he got from breaking up a Monolithic God like build (it does it all) into several smaller builds that do specific tasks. Not only can this make a … Continue reading

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>The Build is the Teams Responsibility

>There is still a feeling within the community that builds are too hard. It is important for those responsible for the various build systems to help document how to setup those builds and provide examples. There is still a feeling … Continue reading

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>Vex gets more love.

>Vex recently brought on a new committer. Florian Thienel. Florian has been active over the last several months providing several good quality patches. In addition to Florian, we are in the process of adding another potential commiter. Igor Jacy Lino … Continue reading

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>Build Stress Relief

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