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Rolling a 1 when you needed a 20

So for at least the last week I have been battling trying to tame the savage Integration tests that we inherited from forking the Android Development Tools.   I’ve re-captured in the last couple of years my passion for Role … Continue reading

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Andmore Tests are Alive

After battling for the last couple of days, the Andmore’s projects Integration and Unit Tests are now running.   Well, let’s say they are at least not failing.   The unit tests are pretty self contained.  However the tests that … Continue reading

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Developing a M2E 1.0.0 Configuration Plugin

I recently had to go through upgrading from Sonatype M2Eclipse 0.12 to Eclipse M2E 1.0.0.   A lot of stuff was fairly easy to get working again, as package names and extension point ids where under new package and ids. … Continue reading

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Maven XSLT Transformations

I’ve been migrating some builds away from Ant and over to Maven 3.   While in most cases I could use the maven ant plugin, to run most of the scripts, it is better to just adopt the new Maven … Continue reading

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>Learning to Adapt to new DVCS Workflows.

>In the Web Tools Incubator on the XQuery Project we just ran into a small snag with the Eclipse restrictions on how items arrive in the official Git repository. This is being discussed in bug 324768, and I think it’s … Continue reading

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>Tip: Enabling JUnit Short Cuts

>If you are trying to practice Test Driven Development, creating JUnit tests in eclipse can be a real chore at times. I’m not talking about actually writing the tests, but trying to get easy access to the JUnit wizards. The … Continue reading

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>Back to Scrum

>Unfortunately in my day-to-day work until recently I had to work on some projects that had more resemblence to Waterfall methodology and less to do with Agile methodology. Fortunately, that is changing and I’ll be talking a bit more about … Continue reading

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