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Tracking Pull Requests on your HIPP instance

In a prior entry, I wrote about getting your HIPP Instance at Eclipse to run GitHub Pull Requests.  One thing that is missing from that is, the ability to identify which of the jobs that ran, ran which pull request. … Continue reading

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Rolling a 1 when you needed a 20

So for at least the last week I have been battling trying to tame the savage Integration tests that we inherited from forking the Android Development Tools.   I’ve re-captured in the last couple of years my passion for Role … Continue reading

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Running Pull Requests from Hudson

Since the Andmore Project is using GitHub for our central repository, we needed a way to at least manually verify that a given pull request can build and not fail any existing tests. Unfortunately, unlike Jenkins, there currently is no … Continue reading

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Andmore Tests are Alive

After battling for the last couple of days, the Andmore’s projects Integration and Unit Tests are now running.   Well, let’s say they are at least not failing.   The unit tests are pretty self contained.  However the tests that … Continue reading

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