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>XSL Tools and XPath 2.0 Validation

>Bug 226245 has been opened since the early stages of XSL Tools 0.5. This bug requests validation support of XPath 2.0 expressions within XSLT 2.0 stylesheets. Unfortunately we have not been able to provide direct support for this within XSL … Continue reading

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>Agile Bugzilla Bug Triaging

>Ketan Padegaonkar of SWTBot fame, posted bug 261408 in regards to small projects having to adapt to the sometimes more stringent and less agile ways of working. I’ve stated in the past that eclipse projects in many ways only appear … Continue reading

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>Ugh!!! Cramps!

>Well, I have a few cramps that I need to tie. I’m in New Orleans for the NADA convention, and I will say it is MUCH warmer than back in the Midwest. So with out further ado here are some … Continue reading

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>Documentation is a Deliverable

>One of the keys of Agile development is being able to release at any time as long as the build is clean. However, one of the areas that seems to be neglected by most projects is the documentation that goes … Continue reading

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>Testing Content Assistance Proposals Refactored

>In a follow up to the Testing Content Assistance Proposals article, Nitin found a couple of things I needed to tweak for working more efficiently with the Structured Source Editor and the Structured Document models. Use getModelForEdit(file) instead of getNewModelForEdit(file, … Continue reading

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>XPath 2.0 Processor/Parser Contribution to XSL Tools

>The PsycoPath XPath processor and parser is being contributed by the author to the XSL Tools project. This is being tracked in bug 226245. Andrea Bittau the main lead has agreed to have it relicensed under the Eclipse Public License. … Continue reading

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>How to Contribute to VEX

>I’ve been asked a couple of times over the last several months how somebody can help contribute to VEX. I’ve updated the Committers and Contributors page with some links to information on how to go about checking out the source … Continue reading

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>Testing Content Assistance Proposals

>The topic of how testable or untestable eclipse code is came up on #eclipse-dev last night. There are cases where the code is very testable, but in the vast majority of cases it’s difficult to figure out how and where … Continue reading

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>A Salute to the Lone Open Source Coder

>Bob Sutor has an interesting entry saluting the Lone Open Source Coder and giving some tips and advice to the lone coder. I’m one of those guys he mentions, I work on several different open source programs. These include the … Continue reading

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>Clean Code Tooling

>As I’ve stated before I’m a huge fan of Uncle Bob’s book, Clean Code, and Martin Fowler’s book on Refactoring. To this end I’ve been looking for ways to help with implementing the practices and techniques described in the books … Continue reading

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