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>Authoring With Eclipse – Revisited

>A while ago Chris Aniszczyk and Lawrence Mandel wrote a brief article describing how to use the Web Tools Platform, Docbook, and a plugin called Orangevolt XSL (aka. EclipseXSLT) to write technical documentation. While much of the article is still … Continue reading

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>XSL Content Assist – XPath update

> The XSL content assist refactoring work went pretty well. I now have a nice set of unit tests that are in place to help verify that content assistance is giving what I would expect it to give. The completion … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Bug Day and PDT

> Eclipse Bug Day and PDT Just a reminder. Eclipse Bug Day is May 30th. For those that are looking to participate or contribute back to their favorite project, eclipse bug day is a great way to participate. I started … Continue reading

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>PDT Needs Community Patch Loving

> Just out of curiosity, I did a bugzilla query against the PDT project, as a thread in the newsgroup sparked my curiosity. I wanted to see how many of the bugs that were marked NEW or ASSIGNED, had patches … Continue reading

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>XML Markup Design

>Jeni Tenison has an excellent article posted about Bad XML design. XML is one of the things that is both the greatest thing since sliced bread, and your worst nightmare. I’ve been specializing in XML data specifications and markup languages … Continue reading

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>XSL Tooling Update Site

>For those that have been asking, here is the URL for the XSL Tooling update site: This will probably be changing, but the above should work for those that want to install the latest version using the update manager … Continue reading

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>Continuous Integration

> Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. Each integration is verified by an automated build (including … Continue reading

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>Time for some Web Standard Tools Refactoring

>I’ve opened bug 231803 in the Web Standard Tools asking that the committers there consider doing some code refactoring in the early iterations for 3.1/4.0. If you are interested in following this thread, or have an opinion on it, please … Continue reading

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>Refactoring XSL Content Assistance

> Refactoring“Enhancing or improving the quality of code in a program. Refactoring does not alter the functionality of the software; but, it makes it more maintainable for future changes. “ I’m slowly working on fixing some design and usability issues … Continue reading

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>To JavaDoc or Not JavaDoc..Part Deux

>Automating Java API Reference Plugins. One of the things that Eclipse PDE is missing is a nice way to generate SDK javadoc help plugins. The nice thing about living in the Internet age, is that somebody else has probably already … Continue reading

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