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>VEX MultiPage Editor Update

>No screen shots yet, but I’ve added the ability for VEX (Visual Editor for XML) to create and keep track of the necessary WTP DOM information. The next step is to create the MultiPage Editor, and then do some testing … Continue reading

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>Product Backlogs, Scrum, Eclipse, and Bugzilla

>I drank the Agile koolaid a while ago. In particular I’ve learned to see how a combination of SCRUM and XP can be a good combination. At STAR we are one of the few standard organizations that have shown that … Continue reading

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>Unclean Code / Bad Documentation

>Typically, the eclipse platform is good about keeping their code clean, and documented for adopters that may need to use the API they provide. However, even the platform teams slips up everyonce in a while. Today while working on some … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools Debugger – NodeSets Part 3

>Well, thanks to the eclipse debug team for pointing me in the correct direction, the XSL Tools Debugger now correctly identifies the various items within a XSL Nodeset or Result Fragment. This is committed and will be in the 1.0M4 … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools Debugger – NodeSets Part 2

>Here’s another update on the nodeset expansion capability in the XSL Tools Debugger. It’s now working pretty closely to what I wanted it to do. I have some more testing to do, particularly with larger nodesets. The only item I … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools Debugger – NodeSets

>The XSL Tools debugger is still behind some of the more established debuggers by various vendors. However, unlike those others, XSL Tools integrates in with the existing Debug Framework. One of the issues that we have is bug 214235. As … Continue reading

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>When Agile Projects Go Bad

>There is an excellent article in, about why Agile Projects can go bad. Basically, it’s due to inexperience and wanting to follow check lists in a lot of cases. Agile development is not about following check lists, but following … Continue reading

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>CVS question

>Alright here is one for you CVSNT guru’s out there. I’m getting an error returned that happens consistently. Cannot Rename Entries.Backup: Bad Address. This just started happening, the Temp directory has read/write access to the system checking the code out, … Continue reading

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>Is the Eclipse Development Process an Agile One?

>Ed‘s posting about rules and feeling blue resparked a thought I’ve had on and off over the last year. Is the Eclipse Development Process still an agile process? Bjorn replied to a comment I had posted to Ed’s original blog, … Continue reading

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>VEX Document Model, round 2

>Since the last posting about the adventure of modeling VEX with EMF, I’ve made some more progress. The VEX Model is now switched over to EMF and the code is working as well. All existing functionality is work. Here is … Continue reading

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