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>Hudson at Eclipse

>Here are some cramps about Hudson at Eclipse. Hudson is a good Continuous Integration application, but in some ways I think a good long term plan for Hudson’s use at eclipse is still lacking. At the moment it does well … Continue reading

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>Refactoring: Leveraging Polymorphism

>While working on some enhancements to bring the PsychoPath Processor’s implementation of the ElementTest and AttributeTest methods into compliance with the spec, I ran across the following bit of code: if (ktest instanceof DocumentTest) _type_class = DocType.class;else if (ktest instanceof … Continue reading

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>Embracing Change

>Change is one of the constants of the universe. It brings with it new opportunities and new challenges. Job change is one of the most challenging to deal with, but can be one of the most rewarding. Starting in early … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor 1.1M4

>PsychoPath 1.1M4 a Java 5 (1.5) or greater XPath 2.0 Schema Aware processor is now available. It is packaged in two forms as standalone jar and as part of an eclipse P2 update site. It does depend on java_cup and … Continue reading

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>Hudson RESTFul API

>I was recently asked why I retrieve my workspace artifacts via a URL instead of by direct file access in the build. The main reason is to try and future proof some of my build scripts. As distributed builds are … Continue reading

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>Hudson v1.337 installed

>….and this time no KA-BOOOM (at least not yet). Everything went fairly smoothly this time out. All plugins seem to be in place and working. We were running version 1.320 on the build machine. 1.337 fixes many bugs and adds … Continue reading

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>Just the Facts.

>What we think we know about our code, and what our code looks like to others and a system are usually two different things. In many cases we think we have a great design, are following good coding practices. However … Continue reading

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