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>Eclipse: Hidden Gems

>Every once in a while it’s good to turn over some rocks. Lately, I’ve been tossed into the world of SOA and Enterprise Integration Patterns. This lead me down an investigation of the Apache Camel project. Camel is an interesting … Continue reading

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>More JVM Goodness for your Builds

>If you have been experiencing some problems with the version of the JVM’s installed on the build machine, then wait no longer. Thanks to the eclipse webmasters for installing some necessary RPM’s, and for Chris being able to install the … Continue reading

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>EclipseCon 2010: Mystical Build Monday!

>The first day of EclipseCon is looking like it should be called, Mystical Build Monday. Builds are those things that most consider a necessary evil. The build engineer is often endowed with magical powers, able to move mountains, and change … Continue reading

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> Evangelism refers to the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others who do not hold those beliefs….also known as spreading the Gospel“. — Wikipedia An interesting set of tweets came floating across my screen … Continue reading

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>Coding Style Cramps

>I recently rewatched “How to Design Good APIs and Why it Matters” (youtube video embedded below). There are many lessons that can be learned from designing a good api, one of the tips is to make sure that your … Continue reading

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>Spit and Polish time for EclipseCon 2010

>Just a reminder if you have a talk that was accepted for EclipseCon 2010. Make sure you have your abstracts updated by Friday, February 5th. That is when the foundation is planning to pull the data. Many of the talks … Continue reading

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