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Xalan Commit Analysis

I’ve blogged a couple of times about the state of the Xalan-J project at Apache.   Recently I’ve been using to track some other projects, in particular the committer activity.    For Xalan, here is a graph that displays … Continue reading

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Xalan a Step Closer to the Attic

As a follow up to the prior post about Xalan, a recent posting to the xalan-dev mailing list, the Apache board may have no choice but to move the project to the attic. The main problem is that at Apache … Continue reading

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Apache may Archive Xalan

A recent post came across the Xalan-Dev mailing list. Despite asking several times on your private PMC list, the board had not received a report from this project since a few months. As a result, we are considering moving the … Continue reading

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Maven XSLT: Limiting the Scope

Using the maven xml plugin, how does one limit the scope of the files to be transformed? The site documentation for the plugin only shows being able to set the input directory for a transformation set.   However, you can … Continue reading

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Maven XSLT Transformations

I’ve been migrating some builds away from Ant and over to Maven 3.   While in most cases I could use the maven ant plugin, to run most of the scripts, it is better to just adopt the new Maven … Continue reading

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>Generating JavaDoc with Maven 3 and Tycho

>One of my pet peeves are projects that don’t provide some form of SDK information. Whether this be documentation on extension points or javadoc. This little peeve was irritated again when I was trying to find some information on some … Continue reading

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>XPath Component

>Web Tools Source Editing has created a new component for the XPath related items. This means that the XPath View, Content Assistance, and the PsychoPath Processor now have a more distinct place to file features and bugs against. The XPath … Continue reading

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