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>DocMan, Joomla, and Redirection

>Joomla and other CMS systems like Drupal have grown to rival many of the commercial offerings for a “free as in beer” price. However, like most open source, you get what you pay for in the way of support and … Continue reading

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>Build Types Cramps

>Okay, I’ve got a cramp that needs to be dealt with. Continuous Integration specifies that builds can happen in stages, and should happen in stages. I typically see four types of builds, eclipse projects tend to only follow three of … Continue reading

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>Highlighting Changes when Single Sourcing

>I’m a big proponent that documentation should be singled sourced. The same information should be generated into multiple formats from one common source. I personally don’t think ODT, Word, or some of the more traditional tools used for writing documentation … Continue reading

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>Standards Organizations Need Issue/Change Tracking

>I’ve interacted with a wide variety of standards organizations over the years. Many of whom are trying to survive within the current economic recovery. It’s hard to survive when your sole source of funding is on membership dues. It’s also … Continue reading

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>Some Random Cramps

>RelaxNG Tooling: The RelaxNG Tools (unofficial title), is in the process of getting started at the WTP Incubator. Currently we are in the middle of committer elections, and once this is done, we’ll be submitting code to the Eclipse IP … Continue reading

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>Chris has started discussion on ways to make it easier for eclipse documentation to be updated. He has rightly stated that the state of eclipse documentation leads a lot to be desired. The docs are stored in a variety of … Continue reading

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>Eclipse: RelaxNG Tools Editor

>A few weeks ago I blogged about a RelaxNG Compact Syntax editor and how I was trying to use XText to generate the editor. Since that time, with the help of the XText folks, I’ve worked around a few of … Continue reading

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>XPath 2.0: IF . THEN . ELSE ….RESOLVED!

>One of the remaining issues that the PsychoPath parser has is not a PsychoPath issue itself, but due to the Cup based parser. Cup is getting confused somewhere along the line in parsing IF THEN ELSE statements. In particular it … Continue reading

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>The MUST Have Eclipse T-Shirt

> Okay it’s probably only a must have if you are an Eclipse XML Markup Geek like myself. For my Eclipse Galileo XML focused article, I got some eclipse swag. Lynn was all out of Polo Shirts so I got … Continue reading

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>Eclipse: XQDT 2.0 Released

>There are a couple of XQuery Editors that are available for eclipse. Three open source projects, and one commercial. Oxygen XML – provides a XQuery Editing and Debugging support. With built in support for eXist-DB, Saxon 9, and MarkLogic. License … Continue reading

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