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Rolling a 1 when you needed a 20

So for at least the last week I have been battling trying to tame the savage Integration tests that we inherited from forking the Android Development Tools.   I’ve re-captured in the last couple of years my passion for Role … Continue reading

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Code Coverage of Robolectric Tests using JaCoCo

Those that have followed me over the years know that I’m big proponent of Unit Testing and Code Coverage. When I started working on Serenity for Android as a learning project for Android development, I missed not having that code … Continue reading

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Jacoco, Tycho, and Coverage Reports

It’s been a while since I posted here.  Most of my postings are now on Google+ or via twitter.  However, neither place does well for code snippets so here I am.   If you are using Tycho and want Java … Continue reading

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Testing Turmeric SOA Web Services

With the recent release of Turmeric SOA 1.1.0, I thought it was a good time to revist some of the tutorials around Turmeric.  While working on updating some these, I realised we can make testing of the web services a … Continue reading

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Developing a M2E 1.0.0 Configuration Plugin

I recently had to go through upgrading from Sonatype M2Eclipse 0.12 to Eclipse M2E 1.0.0.   A lot of stuff was fairly easy to get working again, as package names and extension point ids where under new package and ids. … Continue reading

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>Tip: Enabling JUnit Short Cuts

>If you are trying to practice Test Driven Development, creating JUnit tests in eclipse can be a real chore at times. I’m not talking about actually writing the tests, but trying to get easy access to the JUnit wizards. The … Continue reading

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>Where Do Bugs Hide?

>They hide in the code that is not being executed by your unit tests. The code that is not under test is just an incubator for them to multiply and fester. Along with code reviews, and static code analysis tools, … Continue reading

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