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>Flexing the Vex editor

>I’ve been doing more writing lately besides just blog posting. One of the problems I have with tools like Microsoft Office and Open Office is that it is very easy to mess up the presentation side of things. Especially when … Continue reading

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>EclipseCon 2010: Mystical Build Questions

>So does dealing with a build give chills? If it works on your machine it should work anywhere, right? Planning to attend the EclipseCon 2010 build panel on Tuesday? At Kim Moir‘s suggestion I’ve create a wiki page where you … Continue reading

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>The EclipseCon Bar Cat Mascot

>I had a request from a member in the eclipse community for a picture of my cat that is in my profile picture. Unfortunately, I can’t find the original requestors email address so I’m posting a good picture here. I’m … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath XPath 2.0 version 1.1 Milestone 6

>Milestone 6 of the PsychoPath XPath 2.0 processor is now available. I missed making the announcement last time when Milestone 5 was available, so here is a combined list of bugs that have been fixed with Milestone 5 and Milestone … Continue reading

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>Move to eGit Sooner..Rather than Later.

>Today’s eGit/Git chatter in twitter started with some discussion brought up by Wayne Beaton today on the Architecture Council call. When is a good time to move off of CVS/SVN to a git hosted repository at eclipse? Some say when … Continue reading

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>Play..Stump the Build Engineer at EclipseCon

>At the “Build and Continuous Integration” panel, it is the time for the audience to ask the tough questions of the build engineer. A Build engineers life is not a glorious one. When everything just works, they are little noticed, … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath is a Fast Demon

>I was pinged today on twitter by John Snelson asking if I had been running the XQuery test suite against a XPath 2.0 processor. Those that have been following along know about my battle with a demon known as PsychoPath. … Continue reading

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