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>What is missing from the Eclipse Development Process?

>What is missing in the Eclipse Development Process? It’s a question I’ve been asking a lot lately. The EDP covers the high level management techniques that a project should go through. It discusses items like Project Creation, Planning, Milestones, Release … Continue reading

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>A Word on Performance

>One of the problems we developers face, is that many of us have the latest and greates Dual Core or Quad Core machines with loads of memory. We develop on these machines, and it works pretty fast and seems responsive. … Continue reading

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>XQuery Development Tools for Contributors

>I mentioned earlier that I was refactoring and getting the XQuery Development Tools project back in shape. Well, I am happy to say that if you are interested in working with and enhancing this plugin project, then I have an … Continue reading

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>XQuery Development Tools Update

>Well, it has been way too long since I gave any update on the XQuery Development Tools incubating component in the WTP Incubator. There are many reasons, mainly due to my time being focused on helping to get XSL Tools … Continue reading

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>Inlining Code leads to Untestable Code

>I’ve notice that particularly in the UI work, there seems to be a pattern of inlining declarations and overrides for classes. This is a short cut coding method that may be done for various reasons. 1. Performance.2. Convenience. The problem … Continue reading

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>Eclipse, GSOC, and XML

>I posted several ideas on the Eclipse Google Summer of Code page in regards to xml related items. In particular the RelaxNG Editor and RelaxNG Validators have been getting a lot of interest. It’s not surprising, because within the XML … Continue reading

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>EclipseCon Wrap up

>Alright…so this is a consolidation of Day 3 and 4 of the conference. By about day 3 the California cold virus that decided to invade my body, was winning the war. I’ve managed to battle back, but it took its … Continue reading

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>EclipseCon and XML Update Day 2

>First, I swear cold viruses must wait to ambush me whenever I come to California in the spring. I’m a walking incubator of germs this morning, so attendees be ware. You may help me kill it by providing lots of … Continue reading

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>EclipseCon and XML Update Day 1

>XSLT Tutorial and XSL Tools: We had a pretty good turn out for the tutorial. We ran through Roger Costello’s XSLT Tutorial, and used XSL Tools for the lab exercises. It’s amazing I still have a voice after cramming a … Continue reading

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>I’m waiting in the airport to catch my flight to San Francisco via Minneapolis-St. Paul. One of the things I’m going to be interested in at EclipseCon, is not so much the talks, and the presentations, but talking to other … Continue reading

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