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>XSL Tooling Icons and New Features

>XSL Tooling is still in the need of a few icons. Thanks to the community members that responded we have some very good icons for content assistance. Bug 223557 has been opened to collect submissions. All icon submitted need to … Continue reading

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>Cramps on SAX2 and Xalan

>I checked in some code over the last few days for the XSL Tooling project that leverages the Xalan XSLT compiler for compilation syntax checking of XSLT 1.0 documents. This was a more painful process then it should have been. … Continue reading

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>Agile Development vs Traditional Development

>Particularly the need for the powers-that-be to have a plan that details what is being done, the requirements, who is buying lunch and when, etc, and for the developers to have the freedom to adapt to the changing requirements and … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Build Process – Packaging

>I wrote a while ago about how eclipse shouldn’t need eclipse to build eclipse, and said I’d report back findings here. Well, I took the easy piece first, which is packaging. Packaging in this case is just combining various plugins … Continue reading

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>XInclude Support in 0.5M6

>The upcoming XSL Tooling 0.5M6 milestone is going to have many user interface improvements. It’s starting to bring the XSL editing support that many other xsl tools have had for a while. One item that will be of interest to … Continue reading

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>XSL Tooling Resources

>Briefly, here are a few links of interest for those that may be interested in the XSL Tooling project. XSL Tooling Wiki – This is where we are gathering requirements from the users community, and as requirements are targeted we … Continue reading

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>PDT 1.1 Requirements Plan

>Since blogging about the apparent community unrest in PDT, I thought it only fair, to point the PDT community to the PDT 1.1 Requirements Plan. Particularly, section 6, where Community Comments can be made. Since this is on the eclipse … Continue reading

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>PDT Community Unrest????

>I typically try to avoid blog spam, but this is too important to let go under the radar. An interesting thread has been started on the PHP Development Tools newsgroup, titled “PDT Falling Behind on Purpose?”. In which the question … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Build Process

>Why does eclipse require eclipse to build eclipse? I’ve never gotten a really satisfactory answer to this. It seems counter productive to me for projects to depend on eclipse to build eclipse plugins. What if you need to rebuild an … Continue reading

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>XSL Tooling Icon Update

>We’ve had a few submissions for the XSL Tooling content assist icons. You can view the submissions at Bug 221535. I have my personal preferences, but as I said, we would like the community to voice their opinion on which … Continue reading

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