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>Adding Wizards to Toolbars

>The legacy way of adding a toolbar is to use the actionSets extension point in eclipse. However, I needed the ability to contribute a toolbar to the main toolbar in eclipse, but also make it extensible. Actionsets aren’t very extensible, … Continue reading

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>How Many Votes is Enough?

>A common item I have read in various newsgroups for eclipse, is for the community to vote for a bug. If it gets enough votes, it’s more than likely to get addressed sooner rather than later. While I think this … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools Bug Day

>XSL Tools is going to participate in Bug Day. We have several bugs lined up for people to work on. Like Chris, there are a few noteables that I think the community can help us out with: [241971] – XPath … Continue reading

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>Automated SDK JavaDoc Documentation Part Deux

>A little touch of XSLT magik In a prior posting, I talked about the pain point of creating SDK JavaDoc Help content for eclipse. It tends to get out of synch with the actual documentation, as the TOC.xml has to … Continue reading

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>Automated SDK JavaDoc Documentation

>One of the pain points with working with eclipse, is generating the SDK documentation (bug 231472). Typically this is done by using the standard javadoc command, and outputting HTML files. The toc.xml files, then need to be updated manually to … Continue reading

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>Agile Documentation

>Some may say that Agile and Documentation don’t go together. That you can’t take an agile approach to creating documentation. Tonny Madsen’s blog entry “Missing Books Considered Harmful”, brings up some very good points about the state of documentation. The … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Bug Day is July 25th

>Just a reminder that Eclipse Bug Day is fast approaching. This time around the XSL Tools incubating project will be joining the bug day festivities. If you are interested in helping squash a few bugs, or having your project participate, … Continue reading

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>Refactoring XSL Stylesheets

>One of the most difficult things for people new to XSL is learning to think in a functional language instead of a procedural language. XSL’s power comes from the fact that it works best off of templates. While there is … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools Team Project Set

>To make it a bit easier for those that might want to help contribute to XSL Tools, we have created a team project set file. Currently this can be found as an attachment in bug 240358.

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>Tearing Ant from JDT

>….is going to need a crow bar, a couple of sticks of dynamite, and a lot of beer. I wasn’t surprised to see how closely tied to the JDT core and debug/launch UI that the Ant Launching support is. Mainly … Continue reading

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