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Web Service Documentation using WSDLDocTool

Update: March 3, 2013, the project in general is not being maintained any longer, however, I have a new branch called “develop” that contains a version that will build successfully from the command line. You may get that version from here: … Continue reading

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Transformer…More than Meets the Eye.

I bought the second tablet that resides in our house.   We have a first generation iPad, which my wife constantly uses.  She uses way more than the iMac we have, and it does what she needs it to do. … Continue reading

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Developing a M2E 1.0.0 Configuration Plugin

I recently had to go through upgrading from Sonatype M2Eclipse 0.12 to Eclipse M2E 1.0.0.   A lot of stuff was fairly easy to get working again, as package names and extension point ids where under new package and ids. … Continue reading

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