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Testing Turmeric SOA Web Services

With the recent release of Turmeric SOA 1.1.0, I thought it was a good time to revist some of the tutorials around Turmeric.  While working on updating some these, I realised we can make testing of the web services a … Continue reading

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Enterprise SOAP Services in a Web 2.0 REST/JSON World

Many enterprises have devoted a large amount of time and energy into supporting the W3C SOAP and Web Service stack.  In fact many people,  when the term Service Oriented Architecture is brought up automatically think this is SOAP and the … Continue reading

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Turmeric SOA at JavaOne

On Monday October 3, JavaOne will hold their Birds of a Feather.   Turmeric SOA is on the card.   We’ll be introducing what the project includes, and how you can get involved.   Sastry Malladi from eBay, the lead Architect behind the … Continue reading

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Turmeric SOA Distributions

One of the challenges with any open source project, is making it easy to get up and running.  A user should be able to download a binary, and type one command to get started.   Until recently with the Turmeric … Continue reading

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Turmeric SOA and Cassandra

It’s been a while since I posted about Turmeric SOA so here are couple of nuggets on what is in development. RateLimiterService with Cassandra Integration. The current RateLimiterService provider is a basic in memory hashmap store for the service.  It … Continue reading

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Working with SOAP Headers with Turmeric SOA

Many existing enterprise web services use or require the use of a variety of the WS-* specifications. Including WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-Reliable Messaging, an others. Many of the WS-* specifications make use of the soap:header. Even though Turmeric SOA will generate … Continue reading

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Web Service Documentation using WSDLDocTool

Update: March 3, 2013, the project in general is not being maintained any longer, however, I have a new branch called “develop” that contains a version that will build successfully from the command line. You may get that version from here: … Continue reading

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Turmeric SOA – Eclipse Extras

Available on the eclipse marketplace, is a new plugin to enhance the editing experience for the Turmeric SOA‘s project configuration files. The plugin adds an XML Catalog entry to the WTP XML Catalog.   This provides a set of XML … Continue reading

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Maven XSLT: Limiting the Scope

Using the maven xml plugin, how does one limit the scope of the files to be transformed? The site documentation for the plugin only shows being able to set the input directory for a transformation set.   However, you can … Continue reading

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>XML? XSD? Check! Next Web Services.

>Over the last year, I concentrated much of my community contributions and development time for eclipse on the XML and XSD editors provided by the eclipse Web Tools Platform. The reason was primarily from frustration of using the tools when … Continue reading

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