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>A DOH! moment

>Update 2009-01-01: The first refactoring is done and attached to bug 259853. There is still more to do to break up some overly long methods, but it is now easier to test the various pieces. I have been working on … Continue reading

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>Basic XML aware XPath assistance

>As discussed earlier in the End of Year Cramps entry, we had a request within XSL Tools to support being aware of the input XML file . I’ve implemented some very basic support based on the namespaces that have been … Continue reading

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>Some thoughts on XML Processing

>Mukul Gandhi has collected a conversation between Michael Kay (Saxon XSLT/XQuery author), and Roger Costello of fame, in which they discuss techniques on XML Processing in applications. I think most would agree with the following statement by Michael Kay … Continue reading

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>End of year cramps.

>This is a rambling list of cramps floating around in my head, where it is head is anybody’s guess. XPath Content Assistance and Validation. One of the community members for XSL Tools made a request to have XPath Assistance, and … Continue reading

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>Java Runtime Preference page

>Currently in eclipse, if you are working with a language that leverages the Java Runtime Environment to execute the code, you have to pull in the full JDT as well. However, what if you have a use case for an … Continue reading

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>XML Project Facets

>A question was raised about how to enable specific functionality for XSLT imports and includes so that a specific locations could be added to be searched. This is in bug 258202. This however has started to evolve into a more … Continue reading

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>SSE and XML Unit Test Code Coverage Report

>The above is a snapshot of the current code coverage of the SSE and XML unit tests in the web tools platform. The org.eclipse.coverage.tests is a plugin I created to execute the multiple suites in one run so I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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