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>XML Schema 1.1 Last Call Working Draft

>XML Schema 1.1 Last Call Working Draft is now posted at the W3C. Some much needed useability an clarifications have been done to this version, and most noticeably the redefine option for redefining a schema has been deprecated. The new … Continue reading

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>XML? XSD? Check! Next Web Services.

>Over the last year, I concentrated much of my community contributions and development time for eclipse on the XML and XSD editors provided by the eclipse Web Tools Platform. The reason was primarily from frustration of using the tools when … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools 0.5M8 Milestone availabe

>Just a reminder that as you are building that great new Eclipse XML IDE, to also add to it the XSL Tools plugins for XSL support. Milestone 0.5M8 is available today as well, but you’ll need to get it from … Continue reading

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>DITA-OP Milestone test release

>DITA-OP is the DITA Open Platform, it is a set of eclipse plugins for making working with the DITA Open Toolkit easier. This is very cool stuff, and you can read more about it at

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>XSL Tooling Updates

>XSL Articles Doug Satchwell and I have both submitted articles that contain some information about XSL Tooling. Bug 238142 – XSL Tooling: Transforming Eclipse into an XML IDE Bug 238018 – DocBook Authoring with Eclipse Both articles touch on the … Continue reading

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>Creating an XML IDE with eclipse

>I’m an XML architect by day. It basically means that I sleep, eat, and breathe XML and XML related specifications. I also have to support over 40 member companies with their implementations of the standards I produce. So I need … Continue reading

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>Mylyn Mantis Connector for 3.x available

>A follow up to my post yesterday. The Mantis connector for Mylyn 3.0 is now available. The update site is: I haven’t created the necessary P2 enabled data yet, but will hopefully get it out in the next few … Continue reading

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