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>Eclipse: RelaxNG Tools

>Most people that work with XML have at least heard of DTDs and XML Schemas. Both are widely used to provide a validation model for the XML document. XML Schema has also been tried to be used as a general … Continue reading

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>The Number One Perma-Bug on Eclipse

>…seems to be the lack of Word Wrapping support in the eclipse editor. Well, for those that really need it, there is a plugin that shows that it can be done, but it needs some love. AhtiK has developed a … Continue reading

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>It Figures…

>….the one piece of content assistance in XSL Tools that didn’t have unit tests, is the one with the nasty error that I run into after Galileo is out the door. Sigh…. The good news… I’ve fixed it, and got … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Galileo: Get it using the torrents

>Here is my experience with Bit Torrent today trying to help the rest of the eclipse world and the foundation with some bandwidth: Windows – plenty of seeds if you are using windows. Didn’t matter which package, Java EE, PHP, … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Galileo: XML gets some love!

>Note: This entry is written from a user’s point of view and not my role as a committer on WTP Source Editing. Eclipse XML Development Tools for Ganymede: CEclipse XML Development Tools for Galileo: B+ I’ve been using Eclipse as … Continue reading

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>Some Cramps on Commercial Open Source software

>Some recent blog postings from influential members of the software community have gotten me thinking about Open Source software and particularly why I’m involved with it. Michael Kay, author of the widely used Saxon XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 processors, … Continue reading

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>WTP Source Editing has New Committers

>The WTP Source Editing sub-project under the Eclipse Web Tools Platform top level project has gotten a fresh influence of new skin. Chris Juan joins source editing primarily concentrating on the JSDT component. JSDT is one of those projects that … Continue reading

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