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>Importance of Recruiting in Open Source

>Most of the time, how long a project survives, can be tracked to how actively the committers recruit help on their projects. I’ve witnessed this first hand on several projects on Sourceforge. The ones that tend to thrive and survive … Continue reading

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>PsychoPath Processor Invades Apache!

>With all the concentration on the Eclipse Helios release today, something quietly happened earlier in the week that is pretty significant. Xerces-J 2.10 has been released. Why is this significant to those in eclipse land. Because the PsychoPath XPath 2.0 … Continue reading

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>Git + Hudson = New Ways to Develop

>One of the things over the last six months that has changed and improved the quality of code I produce, has been using git and Hudson. I wrote a while ago about how you can setup local builds of a … Continue reading

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