>WTP Source Editing has New Committers

>The WTP Source Editing sub-project under the Eclipse Web Tools Platform top level project has gotten a fresh influence of new skin.

  • Chris Juan joins source editing primarily concentrating on the JSDT component. JSDT is one of those projects that is badily needed from a Web 2.0 point of view. Chris appears to be concentrating on JSDT and addressing the outstanding issues with that component.
  • Mukul Gandhi joins source editing through his numerous contributions to the PsychoPath Processor. His 30 or so patches have helped to greatly improve the overall compliance against the XPath 2.0 test suite.

Chris is an active committer now. Mukul is in the paperwork stage, but hopefully that will be completed quickly so we can get him back to work. I personally look forward to working with both on WTP Source Editing.

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6 Responses to >WTP Source Editing has New Committers

  1. >Cool!I think the SSE is an important component and deserves more love! I would love to see a blog about the SSE and its dependencies… and how to use it in your projects. There's a lot of people out there that still don't realize that the SSE exists.

  2. David Carver says:

    >You are right Chris. It isn't promoted enough. If you want to do some simple stuff the provided interfaces for SSE are enough. If you want to do some more complex items, you have to start getting into internals. SSE needs some more attention to what should be made available as public API.

  3. >I'm glad to see that Chris will work on JSDT. May be tests and other things will be fixed. 🙂

  4. bmetz says:

    >Very exciting! I am excited to see updates to the source editor, which is my lifeblood. The JSP editor has been more or less the bane of my team's existence over the last 3 years and really lets the rest of Eclipse down.Kick some ass!

  5. >Ouch, bane? Are there new bug reports in need of filing?

  6. bmetz says:

    >Yeah, really sorry to be harsh, but my life resolves around the JSP editor and its bugs and performance problems cause me a LOT of trouble. I must lose 10 minutes a day working around something it's fighting me on. I got a little burned out on being a good eclipse bug reporter waiting for this guy to get fixed:https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=136795and you can see this one went nowhere and is still causing trouble:https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=148455I'm still having a lot of JSTL/JSP/HTML validation problems, but to be concrete about what's wrong, I'll file more bugs on the new release once it comes out next week. Again, sorry to be a downer, I love Eclipse and am really looking forward to seeing more work around the JSP tooling in particular.

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