>Eclipse Galileo: Get it using the torrents

>Here is my experience with Bit Torrent today trying to help the rest of the eclipse world and the foundation with some bandwidth:

  • Windows – plenty of seeds if you are using windows. Didn’t matter which package, Java EE, PHP, Eclipse Classic.
  • Linux – Either the initial seed restrictions are set WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to low, or maybe nobody was getting it. But from the 30 or so people that were in the swarm with me today trying to get the Java EE, Eclipse Classic, and PHP versions I would go for the way to low seed download/upload cap. 1 initial seed is just way to low.
  • MacOSX CoCoa – see items about Linux.

The thing about torrents is that the speed comes from the number of available seeds. With the Linux and Mac torrents, there just weren’t enough seeds to meet the demand. So it took almost 12 hours to get the initial download of the Java EE and PHP packages. Compare that to about 5 minutes and a 1000K transfer rate for the Windows equivalents.

With that said, users on June 24th should have a much better experience. I’m doing my part by upping the caps I have, and will provide a seed for the Java EE and PHP packages for Linux. In honor of my wife’s new iMac that arrives tomorrow, I’m also providing a seed for the Java EE Mac CoCoa package as well.

Oh and if you do get a package via torrent, consider leaving your client open and being a seed for the package you downloaded. It’ll help the rest of the community out as a whole.

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3 Responses to >Eclipse Galileo: Get it using the torrents

  1. Eric Rizzo says:

    >My experience with the Mac OS X torrents has been much the same. In fact, I'm still waiting for the RCP/Plug-in Developer package to download – it's only about 45% complete after almost 11 hours! I only see one seed and am only getting intermittent data from it, never more than a few KB/s. The Java and JEE pacakges were significantly faster, although still much slower than HTTP download from the Friends of Eclipse server.

  2. Bureck says:

    >The modeling version for Windows and Linux have only 2 seeds respectively. It took me 8 hours and they are 95% (Win) and 61% (Linux) complete. Maybe it is faster to wait for HTTP mirrors 😛

  3. tskaufma says:

    >I started my torrent downloads yesterday at lunch time and they completed sometime over night for the most part.I am still waiting on the Linux RCP package to complete (92%). I have though, seen over a GB of upload, and rush hasn't come yet. I am seeding Java/PHP/RCP for Win32 and Linux32. Not too bad though, considering the HTTP downloads still are not available.

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