>It Figures…

>….the one piece of content assistance in XSL Tools that didn’t have unit tests, is the one with the nasty error that I run into after Galileo is out the door. Sigh….

The good news… I’ve fixed it, and got rid of some code that had been duplicated but was not changed later during the development cycle. Now if I would have had the necessary unit tests in place for this earlier while working on the code, I could have caught this particular bug when I made the changes elsewhere.

So lessons from this bug:

  1. Write Tests for new code and bug reports….always.
  2. First learn lesson number 1.
  3. Do not duplicate code.
  4. Really learn lesson number 1.

When ever WTP 3.1.1 maintenance is scheduled to come out, this fix is planned to be included. The other bug that will be fixed in 3.1.1 has to do with XSLT 2.0 stylesheet validation. Other than that it has been pretty solid so far. I’m sure we’ll get more reports as the tires get kicked.

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