>XQuery Google Summer of Code Project

>If you go back and read the original project proposal for the eclispe Web Tools project, you’ll notice that there are two key items that never really got any traction until recently.

  1. XSLT – This base functionality wasn’t included or contributed as the initial code base, and no initiative was ever started by the existing contributors or committers. XSL Tooling is now taking place, but even it is several years behind of when it should have been included or started as a project with in eclipse.
  2. XQuery – XQuery is really starting to take off. Which is why I’m glad to be mentoring the eclipse summer of code XQuery Plugin project. Please provide feedback and comments to Buddhika Lankath on his project. You should be seeing some blog status reports from him shortly.

With Ganymede on it’s way, I’ll be writing an article in the near future about how one can use eclipse as an XML IDE. I’ll leave it to Buddhika to report progress on his XQuery plugin, it should help round out the necessary tools to make a good XML IDE.

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