>XSL Tools 0.5M8 Milestone availabe

>Just a reminder that as you are building that great new Eclipse XML IDE, to also add to it the XSL Tools plugins for XSL support. Milestone 0.5M8 is available today as well, but you’ll need to get it from a separate update site.

Litrik De Roy has blogged a bit about some features that we inherit from the base XML editing support provided by the web standard tools. Along with the features he mentions, the XPath content assistance should be a bit more intelligent, and will also filter the list based on the content that you have already typed. This support leverages the JXPath parser from the Apache Commons project.

As always, we look forward to hearing from adopters and users so that we can continue to improve the XSL experience.

And a big congratulations goes to all the committers that worked tirelessly to get Ganymede out the door. I know that the product I build off it, will benefit greatly from this latest release.

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2 Responses to >XSL Tools 0.5M8 Milestone availabe

  1. >are you planning to publish New and Noteworthy for those releases? 🙂

  2. David Carver says:

    >There wasn’t any new UI stuff except for the new icons, but we should publish the list of bugs that were fixed.

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