>XSL Tooling Update

>New XSLT Icons

The XSL Tooling project is getting some much needed Icon refreshing, thanks in no small part to Holger Voormann and bug 223557. In particular XSL Tooling now has icons for:

  • XSL Launch/Debug Configurations
  • XSL Configuration – Main, Processor, and Output Tabs
  • XSL Files – replaces the old XSL file
  • XML Perspective – a new XML perspective icon, instead of reusing the XML file icon from Eclipse Web Tools.

See the snapshot below for a preview of what it looks like.

We still have a need for some XPath specific icons for the XPath View and XPath Navigator. The nice things is, that all of the graphic icons that we use have come through community contributions. We really appreciate it.

These new icons will take affect in the 0.5M8 milestone release in a couple of weeks.

New Bugzilla Component for XSL Tooling

No, we haven’t graduated, but we do have our own component to help track the bugs and feature requests that are submitted by the community. We are still found under the Web Tools main project, but our component is now WTP.INC.XSL, instead of the main incubator component. So if you have any features or additions you would like to see, please drop us a note. We are a friendly bunch, and we like to hear the good and bad about what we are developing.

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One Response to >XSL Tooling Update

  1. >Totally looking forward to the 1.0 release. Nice to see that the project is making such fast progress.

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