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Doug Satchwell and I have both submitted articles that contain some information about XSL Tooling.

  • Bug 238142 – XSL Tooling: Transforming Eclipse into an XML IDE
  • Bug 238018 – DocBook Authoring with Eclipse

Both articles touch on the various features of XSL Tooling. The later article is an update of an article originally written by Chris and Lawrence, “Authoring with Eclipse”. It has been updated to show the new features of eclipse and how much easier it is to author with eclipse as compared to 3 years ago when the original article was written. Please review and vote for these bugs if you feel they should become official Eclipse Corner Articles.

XSL Tooling 0.5M8

With the release Wednesday of Ganymede, the XSL Tooling project will also be having a milestone for 0.5M8. This is primarly a bug fix milestone, and XPath content assistance is a bit more intelligent. There may be a few issues still left to be worked out, but over all support for content assistance should be better. As stated earlier there is a new set of icons for the XSL Editor, and Launching/Debugging configurations. 0.5M8 is the last planned milestone. We’ll work on getting a couple of release candidate ready next, and hopefully have an official 0.5 version by the end of July.

Many thanks to the community members that have provided us with feedback and icons for the project. It goes to show that there is more than just submitting code that the community can do to help move a project along.

As always, more information about XSL Tooling can be found in our wiki.

Note: This entry edited to try and not use the word “release” incorrectly. That is another blog post for the future.

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