>XSL Tooling Icons and New Features

>XSL Tooling is still in the need of a few icons. Thanks to the community members that responded we have some very good icons for content assistance. Bug 223557 has been opened to collect submissions. All icon submitted need to be under the EPL and also follow the Eclipse UI guidelines for icons. We have the following needs:

  • XSL File Icon – This will be used to uniquely identify XSL files separately from XML files.
  • XML Perspective – XSL Tooling has added a general XML perspective that contains features related to XML editing tasks. Currently we are using the XML file icon, but would like to have something specifically for the perspective.
  • Launch Configurations – XSL extends launching to support XSL specific launch configurations and debugging configurations. We are in need for icons to identify these configurations in the Launch and Debug dialogs.
    • Main, Processor, and Output tabs – each of these tabs on the Launch Configuration need a special icon to help uniquely identify them as xsl options.
  • XPath Navigation and XPath View – these poor little views are in desperate need of some loving icons. They look very sad with out some spiffy icons to brighten their day.

Our time frame for these are for the 0.5M7 milestone. Our 0.5M6 release is shaking up very well. Lots of new and noteworthy features for XSL editing. Besides content assistance, it looks like we’ll have some basic XSLT specification error reporting information in place as well. 0.5M6 will also upgrade the Xalan support to 2.7.1.

If there is something you would like to see in the validation of XSL files, drop a comment in bug 222909 for general xslt 1.0 and 2.0 checking or bug 224197 for the full Xalan specific checking.

0.5M6 will be available on April 7th.

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