>XSL Tooling Resources

>Briefly, here are a few links of interest for those that may be interested in the XSL Tooling project.

  • XSL Tooling Wiki – This is where we are gathering requirements from the users community, and as requirements are targeted we put some brief information, and links to the bugs that have more detail. If you add a requirement here, please also open an enhancement request at bugzilla.
  • XSL Tooling Downloads – Milestone releases are available about every 6 weeks, and are aligned with the most current version of Web Tools. Currently this is Web Tools 3.0M5.
  • XSLT FAQ – Not really an eclipse resource, but one that I find very useful for all the odd corner cases of XSLT.
  • XSLT Tutorial – Don’t know XSLT, what can XSLT do, why XSLT, what is XPATH, etc. This is a good tutorial that goes over the basics to the advanced topics of the XSLT language.

So, if you are using XSLT during daily work, or just periodically, we would love to hear what you want or need. File a bug, or add a comment to the requirements plan.

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