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>DocMan, Joomla, and Redirection

>Joomla and other CMS systems like Drupal have grown to rival many of the commercial offerings for a “free as in beer” price. However, like most open source, you get what you pay for in the way of support and … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Galileo: Setting up PDT 2.1 and XDebug support

>Typically when working on PHP files I don’t have much of a need to setup a debugger. However, I’ve recently had to go through some really nasty PHP 4 code. It was one big massive mess of nested if then … Continue reading

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>Eclipse Bug Day and PDT

> Eclipse Bug Day and PDT Just a reminder. Eclipse Bug Day is May 30th. For those that are looking to participate or contribute back to their favorite project, eclipse bug day is a great way to participate. I started … Continue reading

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>PDT Needs Community Patch Loving

> Just out of curiosity, I did a bugzilla query against the PDT project, as a thread in the newsgroup sparked my curiosity. I wanted to see how many of the bugs that were marked NEW or ASSIGNED, had patches … Continue reading

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>PDT Community Unrest????

>I typically try to avoid blog spam, but this is too important to let go under the radar. An interesting thread has been started on the PHP Development Tools newsgroup, titled “PDT Falling Behind on Purpose?”. In which the question … Continue reading

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