>XInclude Support in 0.5M6

>The upcoming XSL Tooling 0.5M6 milestone is going to have many user interface improvements. It’s starting to bring the XSL editing support that many other xsl tools have had for a while. One item that will be of interest to those that are working with Docbook or DITA related files will be a XInclude ANT Task contributed by Lars Vogel. This will allow for the merging of XML files that have the XInclude include element in them.

In the XSL Tooling project, all of our help is created in Docbook format, and documented in several different Docbook files. We have a build process that uses an enhanced version of the eclipse.xsl styelsheet included with the Docbook Project, that generates the toc.xml, plugin.xml, and html files. The plan is to release the enhanced eclipse stylesheet along with a docbook specific project plugin for the XSL support.

For those working with DITA and Docbook files, there will also be two new content-types under the XML content-type. DITA with support for extensions of dita and ditamap, and Docbook with support for dbk or docbook extensions.

Once the Docbook styelsheets are approved, we’ll look at getting the DITA-OT approved for inclusion as well. This way the eclipse Web Tools project should have an easier way to regenerate their documentation, instead of depending on one company to regenerate the information.

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2 Responses to >XInclude Support in 0.5M6

  1. pombreda says:

    >David:May I suggest that instead of using file extension based content types you could use the XMLRootElementContentDescriber describer?This allows for creating hierarchies as well as provide easily label decorators and overlays for each content type if needed.Something along those lines?Just my 2 cents<extension point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.contentTypes"><content-type file-extensions="dbk,docbook" name="Docbook File" id="ogr.eclipse.docbook" base-type="org.eclipse.core.runtime.xml" default-charset="utf8" ></content-type><content-type name="Docbook File" id="org.eclipse.docbook" base-type="org.eclipse.core.runtime.xml" default-charset="utf8" > <describer class="org.eclipse.core.runtime.content.XMLRootElementContentDescriber"> <parameter name="dtd" value=’-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN’> </parameter> </describer></content-type><content-type file-extensions="dbk,docbook" name="Docbook Book File" id="ogr.eclipse.docbook.book" describer="org.eclipse.core.runtime.content.XMLRootElementContentDescriber:book" base-type="org.eclipse.docbook" default-charset="utf8" ></content-type><content-type file-extensions="dbk,docbook" name="Docbook Set File" id="ogr.eclipse.docbook.set" describer="org.eclipse.core.runtime.content.XMLRootElementContentDescriber:set" base-type="ogr.eclipse.docbook" default-charset="utf8" ></content-type></extension>

  2. David Carver says:

    >Pombreda, sounds like a good idea…we are always looking for patches and contributioons.

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